Floor polishing in Pompano Beach and Coral Springs, FL

There is more to floor polishing than you might think

Your commercial or domestic floors are a big an important investment and something you would want to look after and maintain. Floor polishing is an important part of floor aesthetics and maintenance. Often the best way to look after your floors is through commercial floor polishing. If you want professional floor polishing in Fort Lauderdale, Kendall, Miami FL or Pompano Beach, then Tri County can help.

Floor polishing might sound like a straight forward task, but there is a lot more to it than applying some polish and then making it shine. First of all, there are different types of floors. You have wooden floors, tiles floors, marble floors, laminate floors and even concrete floors. All these can and should be polished and shined.

Over many years floors develop stains and scratches and can become damaged. They are also subject to fading and color deterioration. Floor polishing also involves scratch removal and color revitalization. This could require grinding, sanding and varnishing as well as filling of gaps and the application of layers such as laminate and melamine.

Tiled flooring can be in the form of marble, granite or ceramics and you need to know which chemical to use. Honing is an important process when it comes to removing unsightly marks and scratches from tiled floors.

Floor polishing and restoration requires specific knowledge as well as special equipment, chemicals and materials. Floor scrubbers, polishers and buffers are just some of the machines you will need to perform effective floor renovation and maintenance.

The right floor care equipment is essential to maintain your floors and keep them looking shiny and new. A professional janitorial company such as Tri County has the knowledge, equipment and materials to renovate and maintain your floors. This way your floors will look good and last a long time.