Miami, Coral Gables, Sunrise, FL office cleaning services

Office cleaning services by a recommended janitorial company

If you need office cleaning services in Coral Gables FL, Fort Lauderdale or Miami FL, then you need look no further than Tri County. They are an accredited and recommended janitorial company and they can help you with a range of office cleaning services. It does not matter if you are a bakery in in Coral Gables FL, a law firm in Fort Lauderdale or a supermarket in Miami FL, they have plans to suit your business and your budget.

Whether you are a service orientated business or a product orientated business, you deal with people all the time. Most people prefer clean, neat and hygienic. And if you are in certain businesses such as health, hospitality or education, then cleanliness and hygiene are absolutely critical.

Office cleaning involves a range of tasks such as floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, waste removal, surface cleaning, kitchen cleaning, restroom cleaning, sanitising, office cleaning and more. To clean and sanitize properly you need special people and special equipment. An accountant or computer programmer is not going to be a good cleaner. A broom, duster, vacuum cleaner and few chemicals is not enough equipment for proper cleaning.

A janitorial company such as Tri County employ people who know how to clean. They also have the right equipment to do the job properly. Their cleaning staff are thoroughly screened and well trained. Their cleaning equipment and products consist of state of the art scrubbers, vacuums, pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, floor machines, air blowers, extractors as well as industrial strength detergents and cleaning agents.

It does not make financial sense or even practical sense for a small to medium business to do full time in house cleaning. Your investment in people and equipment alone will be way more than outsourcing. In addition, janitorial companies offer flexible office cleaning solutions so there is always a plan that will suite your work routine and your budget.