Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, Miami FL, Pompano Beach, and Surrounding Areas

Any commercial office space is incomplete without certain things like furniture, technical equipment, proper ventilation, etc. However, creating a clean environment for employees and clients is also very critical. Although most business owners focus on cleaning only the articles which need regular maintenance, it is equally necessary to clean the floor and carpets. Since a number of people come in and out of the office on a daily basis, the carpets are bound to get dusty and worn out every once in a while. Hence, commercial carpet cleaning is essential to keep the workspace clean and your workers safe from germs and pathogens. If you are looking for such services in or near places like Broward, Coral Gables FL, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Miami FL, Pompano Beach or the surrounding locations, then trust our team at Tri-County Cleaning Services. We offer flexible and affordable cleaning programs for a number of facilities including schools, malls, medical offices, and much more!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, Miami FL, Pompano BeachHere are two indicative signs that your carpet needs a cleaning ASAP. Take a look.

  • Allergies

Do you notice you and your employees suffering from allergies frequently despite keeping the four walls of the office clean? Then it could be a lack of carpet cleaning. Carpets can foster a number of germs which lead to a number of diseases, especially pulmonary ones. Hence, if you notice symptoms like frequent cold, watery eyes or constant sneezing, then it could be time for a carpet clean-up.

  • Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew formation is another big sign of dirty carpets. This mostly happens when carpets get exposed to damp conditions or frequent food spills. When the latter is not cleaned properly, mold and mildew begin to appear as spots throughout the carpet. If you notice this in your office too, then you must go for immediate commercial cleaning.

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