Janitorial Cleaning Services in Fort Lauderdale and Miami FL

If you need janitorial cleaning service in Coral Gables FL, Doral, Fort Lauderdale, Miami FL, Sunrise FL or Weston, then Tri County can help. They have the right cleaning equipment, the right team and the right plans. They offer a comprehensive range of janitorial cleaning services for all types businesses and organizations. It does not matter whether you a small business, a big business or a facility such as a school, they have a cleaning plan for you.


Janitorial services include professional floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, floor waxing services, and window cleaning, drapery and blind care, restroom cleaning, sanitizing and more. Professional janitorial cleaning services play a key role in the overall well-being of your business, organization or facility.

A fresh, clean and hygienic workplace is important for staff productivity and happiness. It also makes it more pleasant and inviting for your customers and visitors. It shows your staff members and visitors that your company is proud of its image and has concern for important details. After all, if you don’t care about keeping your workplace clean and hygienic, what else do you not care about?

Professional janitorial cleaning services can help keep your business, building or facility fresh, clean and hygienic. By outsourcing your commercial cleaning and janitorial services, you keep your team free to concentrate on your core business.

Commercial and janitorial service are also available for specific high-risk cleaning jobs such as restuarnat cleaning, medical facility cleaning, school cleaning, hoarders cleaning and meth lab cleaning.

Tri County offers custom cleaning plans to meet the requirements if any Florida business, organization or facility. They offer affordable and flexible janitorial cleaning services that covers commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, building cleaning, facilities cleaning, speciality cleaning and more. No matter what you cleaning requirements, that have the cleaning plan for you.