Office cleaning services in Weston, Coral Springs, FL

Commercial office cleaning services tailored to your needs

If you need commercial office cleaning in Coral Gables FL, Fort Lauderdale or Miami FL, then Tri County can help. They offer specialised janitorial as well as general porter services. They offer flexible plans, so whatever type of business you have the can help you with commercial cleaning services.

Commercial office cleaning goes way beyond just keeping things tidy and clean. When it comes to cleanliness at your place of work it should be a comprehensive approach. Cleaning should include offices, restrooms, canteens, parking lots and more.

Commercial office cleaning also extends to floor care, carpet care, window care as well as public space cleanliness. Carpet care should include vacuuming, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, spot cleaning and shampooing. Floor care should include cleaning and polishing for all types of floors including marble, wood, cement, vinyl and tile.

Apart from floors, carpets and windows, blinds and draperies also need to be cleaned. Dirt blinds, curtains and drapery will not go unnoticed by guests and visitors. A commercial office cleaning company should provide blind dusting and washing as well as drapery dry cleaning.

To perform this type of professional cleaning requires the right staff, the right equipment and the right attitude and approach. A cleaning company that has this approach will pay attention to detail. Attention to detail sets a professional cleaning company apart from the rest. That is why you should deal with a janitorial or porter company that cleans your work space like it was their own.

When you deal with a commercial office cleaning company such as Tri County you can expect exceptional service, professional cleaning, flexible plans and attention to detail. So whether you are a law firm in in Coral Gables FL, an accounting firm in Fort Lauderdale or a head office in Miami FL, there is a commercial cleaning plan that just right for you.