Commercial carpet cleaning in Pompano Beach, Weston, FL

Commercial carpet cleaning also prolongs carpet life

There is more to commercial carpet cleaning than vacuuming. Your carpets are a big investment and they also play an important role in business image. Commercial carpet cleaning will not only clean your carpets properly but also prolong the life of your carpets. Clean and fresh carpets also project a positive business image. Tri County offers commercial cleaning services in Miami, Kendall, Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Sunrise and Tamarac, FL. Commercial cleaning services include a range of office cleaning and sanitation services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, rest room cleaning and more.

Carpets are particularly suspect to the build-up of dust and dirt. Interim carpet cleaning can be a part of your commercial cleaning plan that targets high traffic areas. Apart from dust and dirt, carpets also collect and harbor odors. A commercial janitorial company will also deodorize your carpets and keep the smelling pleasant and fresh.

The application of a carpet protector will also help your carpets to resists wear and tear, thereby extending the life of your carpeting. A carpet protector shields the various strands from dirt and grime and also provides a barrier against wear and tear. If there is a stubborn stain on a carpet, then spot cleaning be the best treatment. Special detergents are used to remove unwanted spots and stains without damaging the individual carpet fibers.

Commercial cleaning, including carpet cleaning is typically outsourced to a janitorial company that has the right equipment, cleaners and resources to get the job done properly. You can also decide between various cleaning plans such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly or even once off. A clean office environment is good for productivity and health and also creates the kind of impression that is important in a professional business settting.