Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Coral Gable, Doral, Kendall, FL

Commercial carpet cleaning and floor polishing for better floors

Over time carpets become worn and faded. They also become dirty. Commercial carpet cleaning will help to keep you carpets clean, revive them and extend carpet life. Tri County offers janitorial services in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Sunrise and Tamarac, FL including commercial carpet cleaning and floor polishing.

Carpets have to be cleaned properly. This means deep cleaning.  If you do not deep clean your carpets they will retain more dirt and the life span of your carpets can decrease by up to 30 percent. Commercial carpet cleaners such as Tri County use special equipment that produces the heat, pressure and extraction that is required to properly clean and revitalise your carpets. They also us truck mounted and portable cleaning units that enable them to clean just about anywhere.

By keeping your carpets in top condition you improve the cleanliness of your workspace, enhance your companies image, protect your investment in your flooring and you also improve the indoor air quality.

Your hard surface floors also represent a big capital investment and keeping them in best condition with commercial floor polishing will help protect your investment. Hard surface floors are impressive but over time the can become scratched and this allows grime and dirt to collect more easily. This in turn can dull the appearance of your flooring and also impact the life span of your floors. Regular floor maintenance can include floor polishing, cleaning, buffing and even sealing. This type of commercial cleaning and maintenance service not only keeps your floors looking great, but also creates a healthier and more impressive office environment.

Proper maintenance of carpets and hard surface floors requires knowledge, technical skills and specialised equipment. Commercial janitorial companies such as Tri County have the staff and equipment needed to take proper care of your office environment including your carets and floors.