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Office Cleaning: Carpet and Floor Cleaning Processes

Having office cleaning done for you is a great way of ensuring that your employees are working in proper conditions and that you make a good impression over your prospects and clients. Office cleaning should be performed by a professional commercial cleaning company at least once a day.

In-house janitor versus commercial cleaning company

If you run a business in Broward, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Pompano Beach, Sunrise, Tamarac then you should contact an office cleaning company now and ask for a quote.

Sometimes business owners prefer to hire their own janitor who takes care of cleanliness at work. But the independent janitor may not always be capable of handling the job on their own; therefore, a lot of business owners conclude that the most convenient way of dealing with office cleaning is to hire a third party company.

Carpet and floor cleaning in the office

Carpets and floor cleaning must be given special attention when dealing with office cleaning. They are the most used surfaces in an office and, if not maintained properly, can wear out sooner than expected.

Therefore, it is advised that carpet cleaning is not performed using foam or water-based solutions on a daily basis. Rather, it is better to just vacuum once a day and use cleaning solutions for carpets once a week or so. Otherwise you risk that the carpet retains moisture and can develop mold underneath, which is dangerous to one’s health.

Floor office cleaning presents other requirements than carpet. The commercial cleaning company’s team will know that floor cleaning is done in two main steps: first, vacuuming; second, wiping the dust and other impurities away with a moist cloth. Again, using damp cloths or lots of water to clean floors is not recommended because water can affect, in time, the quality of the floors.